A Craft Coffee Bar

114 W. 4th St.
Rockport, Texas
Tuesday - Saturday
8am - 5pm‬

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About Us

We love coffee!

We love coffee, we love people. We especially love bringing the two together to create a unique and enjoyable experience that people will remember.


We love fresh brewed gourmet coffee and want to share our coffee with you! We travel throughout Texas looking for amazing coffee from amazing Texas roasters. As such, many of the roasts we use are seasonal. These subtle variations in coffee excites us and brings an extra dimension to our already delicious espresso.


We are passionate about bringing people together. We believe community is very important in our lives. We endeavor to create a unique cafe experience that allows us to bring people together and bond over an amazing cup of coffee.


We take pride in our craft. Each one of our drinks are handcrafted. We believe crafting coffee as we do, is a labor of love. Our hearts are big and our hands are skilled, we hope this is shown in all that we create.


We are committed to our craft. We are committed to our community. We are committed to quality and professionalism. We are committed to creating joyous experiences through our mobile espresso bar.